Making New Music: Understanding Digital Music

The digital era is well and truly with us. The type of music that can now be made with just a computer would astonish someone 20 years ago. These days, many recording studio are full of synthesisers and mixers that have now been made redundant by the small box connected to your monitor!

Back in the early 1980s, the creation of the musical instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) was born. In layman terms this was a new form of musical language, music machines to understand each other. Now, it was easier than ever to play your guitar into your computer and hit record.

These days the term digital music can often be understood as being some robotic sounding futuristic noise is called music, but this isn’t the case. Digital music doesn’t necessarily sound digital just the way it was produced. Most music produced these days, will all have digital elements of some kind in.

When you purchase a CD or download an MP3 file. The music you receive was encoded digitally, it doesn’t matter whether it was a string quartet or an electro-dance tune. The same goes for the majority of music or watch on the TV, videos, your stream on the Internet and much, much more.

The list goes on, and all this digital music has been made possible by the creation we mentioned earlier back in the 1980s which is the musical instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). Without this, synthesisers, computers and other equipment would be unable to communicate, control and synchronise with each other. MIDI is also referred to when talking about types of cables and plugs to connect computers and instruments together.

MIDI music can be transferred between music composing software programs, not because the programs were made by the same people but because the MIDI language conveys information and instructions, readable by all types of music software. MIDI music files contain all the information the computer needs from when the keyboard is to play a certain note and how long that note is to be played for.

So thanks to the digital revolution in music is now easier than ever to make music with your computer. You don’t have to be able to read music, or understand anything about music theory.

Just a little computer know-how, and you’re ready to create your own new music. It has to be said that to make the best possible music you will still need a good ear is a good grounding in music education.

Planning to Buy a Digital Music Player?

In our time the MP3 players are available in various shapes and sizes. The salient features which these digital music players are composed of has made digital entertainment portable than before. This is great news for all music lovers because entertainment for them is now in their palm. But before buying a MP3 player, shoppers should keep in mind their own lifestyle and how they want to use it and in what way? For example, those who plan to listen to their music while traveling, walking or moving out will want one that is lightweight and uses flash memory technology. Music enthusiasts, who want more and more songs possible almost every day, should look for those MP3 players that possess the maximum storage capacities. Similarly, those who want to use their portable digital music player not only to listen to music but to have a look at videos and photos, need to purchase a player with high-resolution screen.

Music players from brands like Transcend have superb sound quality and support all file formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), OGG and even WMA-DRM10 protected music files. The equalizer effect of SRS WOW HD allows you to customize your taste and preference. The built-in speaker produces good and loud music, so that even without the headphones the hearing experience becomes memorable with your friends and family. The majority of the digital music players have excellent audio and video quality and bright and colorful 2.4-inch high-resolution screen. Now store all large files of videos, music and photos with built-in memory. You can also add microSD/ microSDHC cards for practically unlimited digital entertainment anytime and anywhere.

It is easy to carry these devices as it is sleek, compressed and small. It is small enough to be held in the palm and move around anywhere happily. In today’s generation, you deserve to be entertained everywhere you go because you have with you portable devices like a stylish music player. For real entertainment go for only trusted brands which ensures a quality product from their end. Many online sites are available to lure you but make sure you buy only from trusted online stores which offer excellent quality product only. At Transcend online store you can also get latest models of USB hard drives, USB flash drives, computer peripherals like CD/DVD burners, digital photo frames, Solid State Disks, card readers and more.

Everything You Should Know About Digital Music Gear

Music gear is a very important component of every genre of music. Music gear are of different types. There are acoustic music gear, electronic music gear, digital music gear, etc. Acoustic music gear is that which do not need any external electrical support. Digital music gear is the newest edition in the family of music gear. This kind of gear is effective, smart looking and trendy.

Digital music gear has a lot of variety. To know about this gear properly, we need to have a clear idea about the varieties. The most basic common feature is that they work digitally.

Digital Rack Tuner

This gazette works in a number system. This system is generated electronically.


Amplifiers are needed to enhance the sound of the instruments and the vocals. Amplifiers are a kind of digital music gear that are mainly used on stages and in recording studios. Actually the instruments and the vocals are not originally very much loud so that all the audience in a stage show cannot hear it. To solve this problem, amplifiers are being used. It also enhances the tonal quality of the sound.

While playing an electrical instrument like electric guitar, amplifiers are necessary. Electric guitars cannot produce any sound without external electrical help. It has got a pick up. This system helps the guitar to generate a particular tone. And the amplifier then makes that sound audible to everybody.


This is another important digital music gear. Processors are basically being used with electric guitars. Processor is a tiny gear that consists of a lot of tone and effects. Actually electric guitars do not have any added tone or effect. What it has got is just a clean tone. But you find a guitarist playing in a varied range of tones in a concert. All these tones come from the processor.

The guitar just needs to be connected with the processor. And then it will be equipped with brilliant tones and effects. The best thing about the processor is that you can mix several given tones and make something of your own. Once you make a new tone, you can store that in the processor and can play that whenever you want.


Microphones are very much connected with amplifiers. Without microphone, professional music is impossible. Microphone also enhances the sound like amplifiers. But it happens in a different manner.

When music is played, then some tool is necessary that can spread the sound to every corner of the auditorium. Microphone does this job. Microphones have different categories: button microphone, throat microphone, liquid microphone, shot gun microphone, and so on.


Speaker is a digital music gear that gives the sound a realistic touch. Speakers are placed in different places in the room or the auditorium. Conventional speakers are not that much popular nowadays. More improvised versions of speakers are there in the market. And they are called surround sound speakers. It gives you a feeling that the sound is coming from every direction.

These are the most important kinds of digital music gear. Apart from these, there are recording equipment, DJ equipment, etc. They also are a part of this type of music gear.